Exclusive Perks

We have some perks that are only available outside of our shop. Below, you can find out about these perks and how to unlock them.

Nitro Lifetime Rank*
Supporters on our discord help us unlock discord perks that benefit the entire community. As a special thanks, you'll unlock these exclusives:

  • Nitro rank in game
  • Access to a private VIP Lounge
  • Floating Discord pet (can be renamed to add your handle)
  • Access the in-game chat from discord
  • Wear any block as a hat
  • 2 home warps

Unlock by: Nitro boosting us on Discord
* all in-game benefits including  rank are yours for as long as you play with us. however, discord features like the in-game chat won't be available if you stop boosting the server. this is a limitation with discord and how nitro ranks are setup.

Staff Members
All staff members to be familiar with the features and perks that we offer. For that reason staff members get access to the following perks:

  • All pets
  • All add-on content
  • Access to all worlds
  • All rank perks including VIP+ and Golden Circle

Unlock by: Unavailable unless active staff member

OG Lifetime Rank
People who donated by May 17th were given the OG lifetime rank. These people helped support the server when it was new and allowed us to grow into the server we are today. Because of this, OG members get some exclusive features on the server:

  • OG rank in game
  • Set up to 10 different homes
  • Silent chests
  • All currently available pets, including exclusives
  • Plus all of the benefits of VIP+

Unlock by: Purchasing VIP+ by May 17th (expired)